Thursday, January 19, 2012

"Secrets of Success: The Science and Spirit of Prosperity" by Sandra Anne Taylor (book review / quotes: chapters 1-6)

Chapter 1 Forces of Consciousness
p.5 This irreducible, three-dimensional element is why the hologram is used to represent the many nuances of consciousness, and why it's an apt representation of how your own individual consciousness works in the world. You're like that wavy, undefinable picture on the film because your full consciousness isn't really visible on the surface. It's only when you shine a light on your own true nature that you see the real and full picture of your consciousness creation. It's not just your individual desires or intentions that get projected out into the world; it's the many dimensions of your personal consciousness that will create your destiny.
p.13 ...his psychological hologram reached out into the Universe, dictating his results...
p.14 I knew that I was always sending out a holographic projection anyway, and I realized that was what created my results.
p.15 Just as you can't snip off a piece of the hologram (each fragment still contains the whole image), you can't separate any specific intent for success from the underlying perceptions of your life...and at the center and core of your holographic consciousness is your self-valuing.
p.17 You must see yourself as capable and worthy of receiving- and perceive the world as abundant and willing to provide. ..the value you seek in the external world can only come from a pervasive sense of value within. ..You may have been taught in no uncertain terms that you're faulty, unworthy, or fundamentally flawed, but this isn't your truth.
p.18 The hologram of your identity reveals every dimension of yourself, including the one that both preexists and outlasts your earthly experience.
p.19 The spiritual truth of your Divine connection...profound inner sense of yourself...shift your consciousness
p.20 ...release your urgency and need; and finally move into the radical self-love, forgiveness, and valuing that will help you redefine yourself forevermore...align yourself with the Universal hologram... You're one with the Source and with the entire Universe; real success starts the very moment that you let yourself connect.

Chapter 2 Shifting Consciousness
p.22 ...self-negation...chronic self-condemnation to the unaware dismissal of your own needs and priorities. ..You may show confidence to the world, and you may even live with bravado, but the truth of your genuine emotions toward yourself cannot be covered up.
p.23 ...negative view of themselves...undertone of unknowing self-dismissal.
p.25-26 ...vibrate a hologram of self-honor and self-acceptance...unqualified self-love. ...old patterns of self-dismissal, self-criticism, or even self-condemnation must be a thing of the past...think differently...signaling the Universe that you're ready to receive.
p.27 an attitude of desperation, the aching need to have more, no matter how much you already possess...focuses on what has yet to be obtained instead of what's already there to be valued. This creates a very toxic vibration of urgency and striving, and its energy does so much to devalue the present circumstance of your life that it actually sabotages the intention to create and attract more. ...obsession with what's missing totally devalues what you already have...refusal to see the abundance and unlimited potential for joy that's already available
p.28 That which you focus on grows and grows...change your focus and produce a different..result
p.31 While you may have been in the habit of monitoring what's missing or wrong within yourself and in your world, you always have the power to switch to noticing what's present and enduringly valuable within and around you. This change in attention- even if you only stay there for a moment- is how the observer creates reality.
p.32 You're already a powerful manifestor; you might as well take steps to consciously direct that manifestation and create the kind of destiny you really want.

Chapter 3 Echos of Energy
p.38 ...the Law of Magnetism...the Universe can only return the same energy that you send out... when you're aware of resonance, you're conscious about the energy you send out.
p.39 ...holographic life force...
p.42 ...phase entanglement- where your energy mixes with and influences... Others feel better when they're with a peaceful person, and in their appreciation they long to promote that individual's intentions in any way they can.
p.43-44 For most of us, our ultimate intention is happiness. Sure, we may want money, nice homes, better health, and romance, but underneath the desire for all of these things is the desire to be happy. Yet this positive emotional state doesn't require an external source, just an ongoing internal choice...The irony is that attaching our joy to something in the future actually sabotages our ability to be content now...The solution comes from choosing to live now in the happy energy that we want to create...Live now in the emotions you want to create, because that energetic tide will turn inward, and your destiny will overflow with wave after wave of the very same feelings flooding into your future...Fear and negativity broadcast repulsive vibrations and generate an energetic hologram of terms of attraction, the echoes of your energy resonate with your emotional truth. The world reflects- or echoes back- the quality of feelings you live in most.
p.46 So many people believe that they're stuck with the emotions they have. The common assumption is that feelings are merely responses to outer occurrences- these sensations just happen, and all they can do is either deny or endure them. But this is simply not the case!
p.51 Why did I let myself stay in that state (worrying)? It all seemed so important then, but now I know that I missed many opportunities to just let go and live in joy.
p.52 Take control of your thoughts and you control everything!

Chapter 5 Successful Intentions
p.75 ...what you expect in your life is far more forceful that what you desire!
p.77 in the emotion that you long to create, and then your specific outcomes will come your way.
p.78 ...principle of self-honoring...your energy of self-dismissal will inevitably cause you to be dismissed by others...ask yourself, Does this honor me? ...Law of Paradoxical Intent says that the more desperate you are about achieving your goal, the more you'll push it away, actually creating the opposite...
p.81 ...change self-view...deserving of affection...letting go of the hurt and frustration of the past.
p.82 When you've finally arrived at the place where you don't need your specific desire in order to be happy, that's when it will come to you.
p.83 ...phase entanglement...two entities come together and pick up on each other's essential nature.
p.84-85 ...release any emotional desperation for the goal and live your life in the here-and-now...Attachment to an're saying that some external circumstance is going to bring you the happiness...implies that you're incapable of creating these things for yourself.
p.86 Your self-imposed anxiety over focusing on what you lack must be released...Affirm: I expect to be happy today! I choose to love myself today! I create joy in all that I do and think!

Chapter 6 The Three Cosmic Paradoxes
p.89 (Paradox of Time) in the emotion you want to create.
p.92 (Paradox of Experience)...nothing really matters- yet in terms of your interpretations and response, everything is absolutely important. ..the meaning of every experience comes not from the event itself, but from your energetic reaction to it. ..vent and honor the emotions...view the situation as an opportunity to create value.
p.94 You're actually able to choose the emotions that you engage in!
p.96 Your emotions are valid. Don't condemn yourself for having negative feelings! They're actually gifts to you- signals that something is going on that you need to deal with...your reactions must be acknowledged and expressed in order to move on. Honor them...
p.97 ...happiness no matter what's going on...
p.98 (The Divine Paradox)...when you truly connect with Universal Source, you'll find a profoundly fulfilling happiness that actually renders your external desires unnecessary.
p.99 ...wave/particle reality...light itself has consciousness...responding directly to the conscious intention of the individual...
p.100 ...let go of need. Look around at all you have, bless it with appreciation...
p.101 Connecting with Universal Source causes us to detach from future outcomes because of our enduring present peace. It allows us to be in the pure and open state of receiving, and it creates the intention and the experience of being happy first.

Wednesday, June 29, 2011 The goal should be awareness of INTERconnectedness and community sustainability.

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Impossible NOT To Manifest

My inner laser instantly and constantly makes holograms according to my interference pattern, and as the Principle of LIGHT in action, it is impossible for me to not manifest what I'm thinking/ feeling/ desire.

Expression of Abundance is the responsibility of the Divine Consciousness. I only need be aware and allow the Prosperity to manifest on its own thru me. I let go and let God. I submit to the force. I align with the energy. I tap into the current with my awareness then It manifests. It is not my responsibility to manually manifest abundance (not that it is then assumed to be the responsibility of others). It is Abundances' responsibility to manifest thru me. The only thing I can do is be aware of this Prosperous Presence that wants to express itself thru me and allow it, in an easy and relaxed manner. Act out of love from Inner promptings with knowingness that no work shall return void. As my attention is on the Abundance, energy will flow in that direction and manifest thru form + experience.

My inner reality (subject/object) makes holograms (external reality) according to my interference pattern, and by LAW it's impossible not to reconstruct/ project the image of my thoughts into external sense realm.

This awareness of Spirit, this light passing thru interference pattern reconstructs as every visible form (holograms) that I could possibly desire. My consciousness of the Spirit within me (Inner LIGHT, (crystal?)) as my Unlimited Source (laser) is the Divine Power to make new hologram(s).

I have inner wealth machine that never stops. All I need to do is be aware and that is my fulfillment. This Truth sets me free from having to push. I can just relax and go with the flow trusting the Divine Consciousness/ Universe to open doors and trust my intuition to prompt me. Act from within, in Truth, with the pure energy that only comes from the heart.

The ONLY cause of my prosperity is GOD within. The visible world is an effect/ hologram.

Sunday, April 17, 2011

Thoughts Become Things

the mind chooses thoughts (from Akashic Record)
which create emotions (by our associations)
that drive us into action
to experience in physical
that which originated in thought

Wednesday, April 13, 2011

Part Contains The Whole

Holography means the part contains the whole. Therefore, we humans contain the God-Force. We are hereby Divine. Saved by the feeling of knowing we are connected. God is all and in all.

God is lavish, unfailing Abundance, the rich omnipresent substance of the Universe. This all-providing Source of infinite prosperity is individualized as me- the Reality of me. The Source is me. I am God individualized. I am a hologram. The whole is contained within me. I have permission to take action now that I know I am the Power.

If my mind is holographic to the Universe as a whole, then I believe rich thoughts + feelings waves will particalize. I am connected. Therefore, manifestation of form is the result of my offer waves, or object beam. Whatever interference pattern I create, the Universe will reconstruct with its' reference beam.

notes from Louise Hay, 'Receiving Prosperity' DVD

It's not about getting. It's about allowing. What you give out, you get back. Life is here for us. The abundance is enormous- like an ocean- we will never run out. Or the air- we assume there is enough. It's about consciousness- do you feel not deserving? not accepting? Walls are up not allowing it to come in. Trust everything will be taken care of. Matthew 6. What we concentrate on increases.

Bills- means someone trusted us to pay. Start feeling a good flow- feeling good about myself is prosperity. House, car, clothes, bank accounts- how do you feel about these? They are reflections of ourselves, a thought- it can change. Money is a means of exchange. It has no meaning in itself.

Mirror Work: "My biggest fear about $ is..."
...that I'll have to do something I don't want, to get it, and once I have it, it will be taken away from me...

When we feel or hear a negative message, don't run. Accept + believe I feel that, then change. Cosmic bank account- the more I put in positive thoughts the more I will get dividends. Loving myself will pay enormous dividends. A job is just one channel for infinite supply. Clean out closet- sell, give, or burn. Make room for new stuff. Clutter is symbolic of not thinking clearly.

I'm open and receptive to receiving all good.
It is a wonderful day for prosperity.
My income is constantly increasing.
Thank you and I'm moving on.
At a price I can afford.
How have I created this experience?
Why did I choose this?
What is it inside of me that attracts it?
However the Universe has decided to take care of me, I say thank you.
Learn to receive and accept and say thank you.
Just smile and say thank you.
Take time to nourish myself.
What can I do today to nourish you? How can I make you happy? (mirror work)
When fear comes, say thank you. Acknowledge it's only trying to protect me.

Tuesday, April 12, 2011

Giving Up Is Good

Giving up is good. It sets you free of possessiveness, jealousy, fear, need to control, urgency, etc. Let go of the outcome. Detach. Give love where you are, who you are with. Set intention in consciousness, awareness, and imagination. Then allow infinite intelligence to do the work thru you in an easy + relaxed manner. Go with the flow, knowing that everything furthers. As within, so without. We project our own holograms. To not let go is to fear its loss. To fear loss is to believe in limited supply. Be one from within. To thine own self be true. Your consciousness will determine which doors (that you see) open. You see what you are conscious of. Meditation improves consciousness. True spirituality is seeing God in ALL. Because faith (unseen) without works (seen-physical world) is dead. God is manifest in everything. ONE power. We are evolving. A magician uses props to symbolically link the spiritual channel. Because we are also physical-beings manifest, we can use material objects that are conducive for certain spirits or energies (like money, for example).