Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Impossible NOT To Manifest

My inner laser instantly and constantly makes holograms according to my interference pattern, and as the Principle of LIGHT in action, it is impossible for me to not manifest what I'm thinking/ feeling/ desire.

Expression of Abundance is the responsibility of the Divine Consciousness. I only need be aware and allow the Prosperity to manifest on its own thru me. I let go and let God. I submit to the force. I align with the energy. I tap into the current with my awareness then It manifests. It is not my responsibility to manually manifest abundance (not that it is then assumed to be the responsibility of others). It is Abundances' responsibility to manifest thru me. The only thing I can do is be aware of this Prosperous Presence that wants to express itself thru me and allow it, in an easy and relaxed manner. Act out of love from Inner promptings with knowingness that no work shall return void. As my attention is on the Abundance, energy will flow in that direction and manifest thru form + experience.

My inner reality (subject/object) makes holograms (external reality) according to my interference pattern, and by LAW it's impossible not to reconstruct/ project the image of my thoughts into external sense realm.

This awareness of Spirit, this light passing thru interference pattern reconstructs as every visible form (holograms) that I could possibly desire. My consciousness of the Spirit within me (Inner LIGHT, (crystal?)) as my Unlimited Source (laser) is the Divine Power to make new hologram(s).

I have inner wealth machine that never stops. All I need to do is be aware and that is my fulfillment. This Truth sets me free from having to push. I can just relax and go with the flow trusting the Divine Consciousness/ Universe to open doors and trust my intuition to prompt me. Act from within, in Truth, with the pure energy that only comes from the heart.

The ONLY cause of my prosperity is GOD within. The visible world is an effect/ hologram.

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  1. Is new thought metaphysics real? For me, it is. I know that it will really sound confusing but self enlightenment is all about knowing everything about yourself and it will only be possible through this.